“I don’t like you!” is a common phrase you would heard from Victoria. Victoria did not like change, she had a hard time making friends and trusting people. Victoria comes from a single parent home and only gets to see her dad on the weekends.

School life has always been difficult as she deals with dyslexia everyday. Early in elementary school Victoria began to shield herself by being aggressive towards others to the point of bullying. When Victoria began to come to the club she continued to hold up her shield, not only with other club members but with staff as well. Until she met with her mentor Diana. During their sessions the conversation of her bullying actions toward others continued to come up.

One day Victoria shared with Diana that she had made a choice, she made it her goal to no longer be a bully. She wanted friends and she needed help to make that happen. Diana helped Victoria with this goal and together they met her goal. Now Victoria enjoys the new friendships she has. She often talks about how much she likes staff at the club and how thankful she is for having them there.

Victoria has improved on her social skills so much that she earned the honor of being Youth of the Month for three consecutive months. This is a new record at the club and she is so proud to hold it. In this Thanksgiving weekend please know that we are thankful for you. Thank you for being part of our family — giving our kids in the community like Victoria a safe place to learn and grow. Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.