Shoes to keep their feet warm, books to read with their little sister and crafts to spend time together. These were the material things that Sofia and Alicia wanted for Christmas.

But in their hearts, all they really want is to be with their mom. Sofia and Alicia along with their younger sister are staying with their single aunt and two cousins. Mom is in Mexico and they miss her every day. Sofia is 14 and Alicia is 13. They moved back to Ontario after leaving to Mexico when they were little girls. They have the purpose to go to school and learn English to help their mom in the future.

Sofia and Alicia have been club members for the past year and a half. Alicia was chosen to be in the mentoring program and began to meet with Dee in 2016. During every meeting, Alicia would talk about school and how hard it was, talk about home and how different things were. And with tears in her eyes, she would tell Dee how much she missed her mom. Sofia and Alicia are both very bright girls. They always have a smile on their face and at times you can tell they are mischievous. With their kind hearts and special spirits, they have earned a special place in the hearts of many staff members including myself.

This Christmas season we had a special donor who gave them what they had asked for, shoes, books, and craft materials just to name a few things. This year you have helped kids make special connections with people that care for them. Without you, this donor wouldn’t have the opportunity to help these girls. Without you, Dee would not have been able to help Alicia get through a hard year of transition and change.

You have made their Christmas a little brighter because they know they have a Club to go to, where kids like Sofia and Alicia can shine and feel stronger. The work that you do helps kids and gives others the opportunity to give from the heart.