I had the opportunity of mentoring Rubi in October of 2017, Rubi had become a club member in summer 2017 with her two younger brothers, Issac and Noe. From the beginning of when Rubi had become a club member, she had established herself as a kind and helpful person. This was known to club members as well as staff that Rubi was one of the sweetest club members in the teen center. I had gotten to know Rubi a little more and I knew immediately that I would be ecstatic to have her in my program.

Sure enough, Rubi said she was on board for mentorship the moment I offered it to her. For the next six months, Rubi became a blueprint of what an amazing club member and an amazing person should be like. Rubi excelled in school, she even joined the academic team for Ontario Middle School. I always had confidence in Rubi’s accountability with her school work, and there was never a time where I saw her leave assignments until the last minute.

Rubi is the kind of individual that loves to accomplish work efficiently and effectively. Something I’ve admired greatly about Rubi is her ability to remain a kind-hearted and positive individual even if her personal life didn’t always consist of positivity. Good day, or bad day, Rubi will still treat others with kindness and continue to seek the betterment of herself. That is a character trait that I believe very few individuals have.

The ability to be selfless in times where selfishness would be completely called for. Rubi Contributed to many community service projects around the club and the city. I don’t even think she realizes how much she has given back to her community at such a young age. If you did remind Rubi of her accomplishments, she would just smile and continue to do great work. Rubi has never been one to seek recognition, though I know she appreciates it when it is given to her. She deserves and an immense amount of recognition as a club member and human being. Rubi is the kind of person others of all ages can learn from, and be inspired by.