Pablo has been part of the club since he was in the 7th grade and now this year he will be graduating high school. Pablo is currently our Keystone service clubs treasurer and he has been doing an amazing job. I first got to meet Pablo last year when I began to be part of the Teen Center my first interactions with Pablo were through Keystone Club although he at the time seemed to only be part of Keystone because his friends were.

Now, this worried me at first because most of his friends were seniors soon to be graduating so the future of Keystone seemed sort of bleak because not only were most of Pablo’s friends seniors but also most of Keystone was comprised of soon to be graduating out seniors. Keystone didn’t look like it was going to be in a good place, a few months back. Once Keystone began for this year as I was recruiting members I was happy to see Pablo ready to roll to be a big contributing member of Keystone. Now Pablo had not completely gotten out of his comfortable shell by the start of this year’s Keystone he originally planned on not being part of the Keystone leadership he wished to just stay under the radar. Recognizing Pablo’s vast knowledge on the in’s and out’s of Keystone.

I knew that I must have Pablo be in a leadership position for this reason. It took some convincing but he said he would give it a shot for the treasurer position. The other students recognized Pablo’s experience and decided that he is who they wanted to lead the group. He has always been a bit of a follower and so for Pablo to decide to go for a leadership position was a big step for him. Pablo is now participating in the Youth of Year competition here at the Club, he tells his story of how he has learned so much but sometimes you just need to invest in yourself and take the leap. Pablo is a strong leader in our Keystone Club and I can easily say he is what has made Keystone this year so successful.