Katie has been caught in between and fallen through the cracks all at the same time. As a long time club member Katie’s world started to fall apart as her parents got a divorce and began their new lives with new partners. Katie’s dad had custody of her brother, and her mom had visitation rights as she cared for three other siblings. She loves her four half brothers and sisters and wishes to spend more time with them. This has not been possible in the past two years, Katie’s dad began to suffer from health issues that did not allow him to take care of Katie and she entered the foster care system. Katie was fortunate enough to get placed in a relatives’ home so she could continue to come to the club.

In the means of it all, Katie has found the club to be like a home. When she comes in she immediately transforms into being just a kid. At times she has allowed herself to be vulnerable with staff and shares her feelings of confusion and frustration. As she does not understand how she was the only one out of all her siblings that ended up in foster care. Now Katie’s foster care status has become permanent due to the passing of her dad in October 2016 due to a seizure in his sleep.

Katie often shares with one of her favorite staff Dee that she has found comfort at the club. “It’s like I’m coming home,” says Katie. “You know, the feeling you get when you have had a long day and you get to the place you can be you.” The club gives her the opportunity to not worry about what will happen, and just be. In an unknown future, she knows she has the club.