You and I are considered adults today and will be tomorrow. This happened after we reached a certain age and we were no longer viewed as kids. You probably began to see yourself as an adult sometime before others did. But can you imagine a 4th grader thinking of herself as an adult?

This is Karla’s story, I met Karla when she was in kindergarten and her adult like attitude was surprising to see. What I didn’t know was the reason behind her need to demonstrate that attitude. Karla’s parents had separated when she was little and Karla immediately felt the need to become her dad’s and younger sister’s caregiver. Dad had custody of the girls and a few years later remarried. Karla now found herself in a new situation, stepmom and her new siblings had a lifestyle that was not as organized as Karla likes it to be. Because of this she always works hard to make sure things are in place. She is the first one to know what and who should be aware of the responsibilities of the home.

Karla practices Judo and likes it very much. Discipline and mindfulness are two things that give her a sense of security. But when these two things are not there, she finds herself feeling stressed.

At the Club Karla found Yulissa and joined her mentoring program. Here Karla shared, with her very mature attitude, that all she really needed was to be a kid. The two talked about friends, school and played basketball. She found someone she trusted enough to let go and be a kid. Karla will always have an adult like attitude and very competitive nature, but you have given her the opportunity to just be a kid. Thank you!