A club member who sought out for advice and a way to make the club a great place would be Genesis. She has two goals that she had made for herself. One of the goals was to make a new friend and have them join her in an activity.

The other goal is to make the club a place of anti-bullying and set good examples. Although Genesis didn’t have to set that goal, she felt it was necessary enough to help out the club. When Genesis had leadership help from picking up the park event of community service it had changed her motivation and her thought on programs which in turn engaged her involvement here at the Boys and Girls Club of Western Treasure.

Genesis has been one of our most open-minded club members since the program. Genesis is one of the most treasured members in this program. Not a day that goes by that Genesis ask “what can I do next”?  “When are we going to do another project”? Meeting with Genesis from one day out of the week turned into three times out of the week because of the persistence she has shown and reminding staff that she needs to meet with her mentor JT.

The willingness to help the club to change for a more positive outlook. Genesis has taught me to be humble and honest about my work and understand that extra work doesn’t hurt. I’m very happy saying she graduated from the Think Big program.

She continues to change the minds of other members to do awesome works whether their small things or big things she strives to be an excellent member. Genesis, by far, exceeds excellent member behavior and as a staff, I’m learning from her every time we meet. The main objective I’ve learned is humility.