How many times did you hear your parents say “You have to go to school!” in the mornings?

And no matter what, there was no way you were missing school. Eric has not heard that in a while. He lives with his mom and older brothers but none in his home noticed he wasn’t going to school. Eric is 15 years old and a freshman at Ontario High School. Eric attended school for 3 days in the month of January. Because of this, his grades had suffered tremendously. He found himself with all F’s on his report card as he was entering the month of February. But what is he supposed to do? If none cares why should he?

Eric was on the verge of deciding to drop out of school and just stay home before he found out he was not alone. Eric has been a club member for some time and then he stopped coming. Balde and Zach found out what was happening with Eric and they were committed to help. Zach was able to talk to Eric and help him decide to go back to school so that he could be a part of his mentoring program at the Club. When Eric agreed, Zach, as his mentor, made sure to show him support.

They immediately got to work, they met with all of his teachers and worked out a plan for the next few weeks. The deal was that Eric would not miss a day of school and Zach would join him for lunch during the week to work on his homework. As of this now, Eric has not missed one single day of school in the last 2 weeks. He is well on his way to making up missed assignments and has already changed his grades to D’s and C’s.

Eric’s story will continue to unfold as the school year comes to an end. But one thing is for certain, thanks to you he now has one caring adult who will continue to support him and that will make sure to say “You have to go to school”.