Being a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club of Western Treasure Valley, all club members are unique and with one of the mentees that signed on to the “Think Big” program, Elijah who was the example of a great club member.

Elijah is a well mannered 1st grader who wanted to be involved with the club. Elijah didn’t really talk to any members, he was to himself and very shy. After Elijah went through the Think Big program he was able to conquer the fear of meeting new people by making friends with at least fifteen different members within the program itself. Elijah taught me as a mentor to always be willing to leave a comfort zone if it’s for better progress in yourself. This member is very humble and takes goals to the next level, dedication from this member is something to witness first hand. Elijah is new to the club as of 06/20/2018.

He was a summer member, but that also determined the way he felt wheater or not he would give the club the opportunity to join during the school year. He loved the summer activities and Elijah wanted to experience that same feeling during the school year. Having Think Big made the difference of helping him and his Mother who made it possible for Elijah to join the program and being consistent with me on Elijah’s grades, attendance at school/club. The experience working with Elijah is not one to forget by far. I’m glad that I had the opportunity.

Elijah is now a full-time member that shows up every day after school to help members out in power hour and club activities. He represents as our Think Big mentee leader in the fall of 2018, I’m glad to graduate Elijah from this program. Elijah’s current goal is unclear at the moment, but he is still thinking about what he wants to do when he grows up. One thing is for sure he wants to help people.