“I want to be a Governor, so I can make change happen” This is what Eddie told his mentor this week during their first meeting. Making change happen is something that has always been on Eddie’s mind.

Eddie has been a club member for the past 3 years and now has a chance to meet with a mentor one on one every week. Eddie lost his dad when he was just a baby and after his mom remarried he learned all about change and feeling like he was different. He knows his step dad cares for him but he feels like somehow, he is not a part of their family. Eddie is a picky eater and likes to run. His favorite food is rice and he is really proud of having straight A’s in school.

We learned all of this about Eddie during the first meeting with his mentor. He is very excited to be a part of this mentoring program. He is looking forward to getting extra help in school to continue to do better and just have someone to talk to. Eddie has big goals in life and we can not wait to see him grow.

A new year always comes with the feeling of hope and the possibilities it will bring. In this new year you must know that you continue to bring hope to kids as they look forward to their future. Because of you they are not alone as they dream about who they will become as they grow older.