As a mentor here at the Boys and Girls Club, I have many stories to tell about my mentees but the funniest time I have spent with any of my mentees would be Chase. On a Thursday in the second week of December. We had a field trip to the Four Rivers Cultural Museum in Ontario, as we and the rest of my mentees were going through he decided to share a story with everyone. At first I was a little skeptical about Chase telling the story he wanted to share with everyone.

When he had ask for permission to tell a story I had asked what the story was about. He replied, “JT it’s important it’s a historical fact about this museum and its mannequins just say boo when I finish my sentence with move at the end of the story.” I then said okay give it a try.

He had asked me to move everyone in front of a man underneath a tent. So I directed everyone in front of the man inside a tent. Chase then spoke, “This museum is haunted, but wait if everyone concentrates enough at that man in the tent you can see him move.” As he said move I said boo in a loud voice. Everyone hooped and screamed everyone laughed as I calmed everyone down. Everyone had a good laugh at the museum. Chase has taught me to have fun with my work and not be so indulgent in my work. Also sharing the fun with everyone around me.