“They care for me, but not about me” Armando share this thought with Zach his mentor as they were talking about Arman- do’s home life.

Armando is in High School and has been a Club member for many years. He is learning how to play the guitar and enjoys playing sports.

For a while Armando was not making the best choices when it came to friends and stayed away from the Club. But this year something changed. Armando lost one of his older brothers, a police officer in Texas, died in the line of duty. Armando’s world was shaken and things felt out of control. Shortly after he decided to come back to the Club. Now being more involved than ever before, he began to join in activities, and looked forward to joining the mentoring program.

While in the mentoring program Zach, his mentor, noticed special things about Armando. The way he commented on the cleanliness of the Club and how much he valued Zach’s attention to his hard work on the guitar told Zach something at home was not right. As they began to talk about Armando’s home life, Zach found out that Armando did not have his own room and his home was not always kept clean. He also learned that small things like signing a permission slip seemed to be a big to do for his parents. Armando shared with Zach how much he likes to have someone to talk to, because he had so many questions about life.

Armando wants to learn about preparing for retirement, his credit score, how to save money and what he needs to work. He also wants to start exploring schools and what career he wants to take. He has questions about what you need to buy a house and how to manage your money. Armando has his eyes on the future. And thanks to you he has someone that will help him be ready for the life he wants.